Weekly coin update 2/2018

Let’s have a look at what the second week in January brought us. Let’s start with looking at the top 5 coins first:


Bitcoin decided to go down in value from ~$15 100 to ~$14 400 this week. Let’s see if we get an increase in value soon or if this will become the new btc price for a while. After being down for a few weeks, bitcoin experienced growth, sitting currently at ~$16 500. This is of course great news if you are mining bitcoin on Hashflare, on your own, or holding any.

Bitcoin price chart


It has been another smashing week for ethereum. It took back the 2nd place in the market cap and continues growing from ~$1 150 to ~$1 400.

Ethereum growth


Ripple lost a spot in the market cap to the massive gain of ethereum and the fact that it dropped from ~$2.50 to ~$2 but still, the good news keep coming. Ripple produced the 5th richest man within weeks. Fantastic!

Ripple price chart

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash experienced growth, it went from ~$2 400 to ~$2 700

Bitcoin cash chart


Not much change for cardano. Except for slight weekly swing, sitting at ~$0.9

Cardano chart

BitConnect status

It has been quite a weak week for BitConnect, however there was still decent profit to be made, take a look at the numbers yourself.

Bitconnect interest

Hashflare status

Let’s have a quick look at Hashflare and the repayment period you might expect to get, which is currently sitting at decent 137 days.