Weekly coin update 4/2018

It has been another fun ride this week. Bitcoin and other cryptos were up and down, however nothing significant happened with the main players.

Coincheck hack

Coincheck has been hacked and $530,000,000 worth of NEM has been stolen. Unlike Mt. Gox that has been hacked in the past, Coincheck promised to pay back $425,000,000 to the NEM owners that had their tokens stolen. This lead to an expected drop in the value of NEM but it managed to recover and even go above the prior value.

Good luck to Coincheck and I am very happy to see that they approached it in a responsible way. We are however yet to see if they will deliver on their promise.

Hashflare ROI

As every week, let’s have a look at Hashflare ROI mining bitcoin. The contract repayment period is currently sitting at 231 days.