Weekly coin update 1/2018

Let’s have a look at what the first week in January brought us. Let’s start with looking at the top 5 coins first:


After being down for a few weeks, bitcoin experienced growth, sitting currently at ~$16 500. This is of course great news if you are mining bitcoin on Hashflare, on your own, or holding any.


Ripple, started out with a fantastic climb, making it skip many coins on the market cap. Towards the end of the week, a correction came. Ripple is probably just waiting for another massive boost. Now sitting at ~$3.35.


No surprise here, Ethereum is steadily growing in value sitting at ~$1 123.

Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin cash also experienced a steady growth, sitting now at $3 019.


Cardano had a mid-week boost, but ended up falling only slightly above its initial value, sitting now at ~$1.01.

Coin of the week – TRON

This week, Tron has been very active, currently sitting at $0.16.

BitConnect status

It has been quite a weak week for BitConnect, however there was still decent profit to be made, take a look at the numbers yourself.